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Say goodbye to endless messages, confusing email notifications, and dozens of bookmarks. CodeHerald brings you a single, streamlined solution to manage your code reviews with ease.

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Why CodeHerald?

If you’re juggling chat messages, snoozed reminders, and cluttered email notifications, CodeHerald is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Experience hassle-free code review management, and see why simplicity is the key to efficiency.

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For Engineers

Prioritisation And Tracking Of Reviews
Never lose track of a pull request again. CodeHerald intelligently organizes and prioritizes your code reviews, ensuring you address the most critical ones first, without overwhelming your workflow.
Minimize Context Switching
Seamlessly switch between Slack, Email, and GitHub without losing focus. CodeHerald keeps you in the zone while managing code reviews efficiently.
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For Engineering Managers

Visibility and Oversight
Get a bird’s-eye view of all ongoing code reviews. CodeHerald’s dashboard provides insights into review statuses, helping you stay informed and proactive.
Team Collaboration and Performance Tracking
Boost your team’s code review efficiency. Track performance metrics and engage early in the process with CodeHerald, ensuring high-quality reviews and timely feedback.
Install From GitHub Marketplace
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For Organizations

Scalability And Compatibility
Built for engineering teams of all sizes and compositions. CodeHerald scales effortlessly with your organization, integrating with GitHub and soon - more.
Cultivates a Strong Review Culture
Reinforce a robust code review culture. CodeHerald’s intuitive interface and smart features make code reviews a seamless and integral part of your team’s workflow.

Frequently asked questions

CodeHerald minimizes distractions and improves prioritisation - all the most important pull requests are in one place and grouped into ‘attention sets’, based on what action they need. CodeHerald also improves visibility and accountability - everyone sees ‘attention sets’ tailored to their own role in the review process. It is very clear where a pull request is stuck, and this facilitates communication and quicker resolution. As a result your team can complete code reviews more rapidly.

Attention sets are groups of pull requests requiring the same action from you. For instance, pull requests that are ready to merge will be in the ‘Ready to Merge’ set, while those needing updates will be in the ‘Ready to Update’ set. Pull requests requiring your review will be in the ‘Needs Review’ set, and so forth. CodeHerald organizes all visible pull requests within your organization into these attention sets, saving you time and helping you focus on the most critical ones at the right moment.

CodeHerald is designed to complement, not replace, GitHub. It acts as a focused entry point. Bookmark the attention sets page, and refer to it when you’re ready to conduct code reviews or need to check the status of your pull requests. It efficiently directs you to the relevant sections on GitHub.

No, CodeHerald cannot access your code as this is restricted by GitHub’s permissions. CodeHerald only has access to pull requests, issues, and team and organizational membership data, which helps determine visibility of pull requests. Before installing, GitHub will display the permissions granted to the app, and any increase in access scope will require your approval.

CodeHerald does not automatically access all your repositories. During installation, you specify which repositories CodeHerald can access. You have the option to select all repositories, or only those relevant to your needs. This control is enforced by the GitHub API.

CodeHerald uses a GitHub App Webhook to subscribe to pull request related events. This way there are no rate limits on the number of pull requests that can be tracked.

Installing CodeHerald, a GitHub App, involves selecting the organizations and repositories you want to grant it access to. Once installed, CodeHerald receives an access token to interact with the GitHub API on your organisation’s behalf. This access key is short lived, ecnrypted, and is rotated every few hours by GitHub.

If you decide to stop using CodeHerald, you can revoke its access from your GitHub organization settings page. Upon revocation, your details are immediately deleted. However, metadata about your account may remain in our logs and database backups for up to 90 days for operational purposes.

CodeHerald was created by Julius Seporaitis, who has diverse experience in engineering organizations as an individual contributor, engineering manager, and technical lead. The inspiration for CodeHerald came from the challenges of maintaining visibility into code reviews across different companies, where reviews were managed through varied channels like Slack messages, email filters, and browser bookmarks, leading to inconsistencies and delays. CodeHerald aims to consolidate all code reviews in one place, enhancing focus and ensuring timely reviews.

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