Automate Routine Tasks On GitHub

Auto-assign users, reviewers, labels, milestones. Trigger workflows, when files change, etc. All set-up in less time than it takes a tea kettle to boil.


Use simple rules to automate complex behaviours.

Supported Events

You can act on issues, issue comments, pull requests and pushes with more being added regularly.

Trigger Actions

Assign labels, users, revieweres, post comments, and trigger workflows, with more coming soon.

Open Roadmap

We are implementing features based on your feedback. Reach out on Twitter with your ideas.


And we are a verified GitHub App publisher. We process metadata, and do not see the code.

Frequently asked questions

GitHub Actions allows triggering scripts when an event happens. They are powerful, but can be cumbersome to write and slow to release, depending on your Software Development Lifecycle. Think of CodeHerald as a growing collection of pre-made actions that are easier to set-up and run.

  • You want to post a comment or add yourself as a reviewer if someone touches a specific file, with more granularity than CODEOWNERS file.
  • You want to auto-assign yourself/reviewer/label/milestone on certain issues/PRs
  • You want to trigger workflows.
  • You want to setup a single rule for multiple repositories / organisations.

CodeHerald will offer paid plans, but right now it is in a public preview and has all the features fully available for free. Signing up now does not mean you commit to pay later. We will give a heads up when changes happen.

That's great. New features are built based on your feedback - please tweet @codeheraldhq.