CodeHerald is an online service for introducing interactivity to your code repository. It registers a webhook and listens to events from GitHub. You then define rules and conditions that trigger actions.

Who Runs This

CodeHerald is a micro-SaaS product currently developed by Julius Seporaitis. Julius has 16 years of wide ranging software engineering experience. You can read more about him here.


CodeHerald purpose is to provide GitHub users a very easy way to set-up trigger rules in their repositories that result in some actions being executed. The process literally takes less than a minute.

Those familiar with Phabricator will find the word "Herald" in CodeHerald not coincidental. CodeHerald is a very simple version of Phabricator Herald for GitHub.

Use Cases

Here are some example use-cases CodeHerald could be good at. Some of these are still being implemented:

  • Assign yourself as a reviewer when sensitive files are changed.
  • Assign labels, users, reviewers automatically to issues and pull requests.
  • Post a comment with instructions when certain criteria are not met.
  • Get notified when multiple pull requests are merged.
  • Many more

It would be great to hear feedback about your use-case.

Public Preview

I would be delighted to find out someone finds this service useful and hear the feedback. You can email it directly - julius at codeherald.com or tweet @codeheraldhq.

Common sense and acceptable use policy applies. Please, don't use this for harm.

Reliability Guarantees

The service is built with robustness in mind. You can see our track record on our status page.

The service runs on Hetzner Cloud servers. The app servers are load-balanced. Provisioning of all servers is automated, but with a manual trigger. It means that I can replace/rebuild app or database server in minutes. Database is fully backed-up daily.